Rules of Play

Rules Of Play

General Rules

  • All persons must register in the pro shop before beginning play.
  • Every rider must pay a cart fee.
  • Must be 16 years of age to operate a golf cart.
  • Each golfer must have a set of clubs.
  • Carts must remain on the cart path when playing par 3’s, and holes #16 and #17.
  • Please remain on paths when within 30 yeards of any green.
  • Do not drive into tall grass wildlife areas.

Speed Of Play, Policy And Tips

  • Each nine holes should be played in 2 hours and 5 minutes. (4 hours and 20 minutes Total).
  • Choose tees that allow you to have fun and play at a reasonable pace.
  • Keep pace with the group ahead, not ahead of the group behind.
  • Play “ready golf” (Hit when ready).
  • Carry extra clubs when leaving your cart.
  • Line up putts while others are putting.
  • Mark scores at next tee.

Rules Of Play

  • USGA rules of golf, except where modified by local rules.
  • Woods bordering course are out of bounds.
  • Ditch on #17 is considered a lateral hazard.
  • Play all tall rough as a lateral hazard.